Communications Professionals

Communications Professionals is Michigan’s industry leader in IT products and services. Founded by Andrew Wallace in 1992, CPI has operated its business with integrity and a strong commitment to service. Due to an increasing demand for services to accompany our myriad products, in 2006 CPI began its service division with an emphasis on design and implementation. Organically, CPI has built a reputation for being a strong ally for our clients, a reputable partner to our peers, and a competitive company to our competition.

Hotel and Gaming


An exciting trend in the US is the hotel and gaming market. Our service team has extensive experience in a hotel and gaming total solution which includes innovative hybrid wireless solutions, telephony, and cabling.



The healthcare market is an emerging industry in the US and CPI has made sure that through GSA Schedule 65IIA, the US Gov has a reputable and longstanding company with which to obtain its medical equipment and supplies.

Small Business


CPI believes that the small and medium business market is a very important sector. It’s imperative that the small and medium businesses thrive as job creation vehicles.