Microsoft HoloLense helps architects and construction professionals design 3D buildings and visualize the construction process.

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Microsoft HoloLens allows architects to visualize buildings, change designs, and use holograms to secure structures. You can also scale the hologram to a scale where the architect can go inside to inspect the inside of the structure, Alerts you to potential problems with gestures or sounds.

You can walk around the building and see what it will look like when it’s finished! Does it sound amazing?
This virtual tour enables early detection of design errors, resulting in high cost and time savings.
The XR technology Microsoft HoloLens is a wearable, self-contained holographic computer that helps popularize hybrid technology realities of the construction industry.

For architects, it presents sketches and floor plans in 3D. For construction workers, it provides collaboration visualization and quick mapping of spaces. In short, HoloLens is a game changer.

For a more in-depth look at how HoloLens is changing the construction industry, check out these case study videos showcasing how design professionals, engineers, architects, and others can improve the collaborative process. Companies like Autodesk and Microsoft Partner Trimble Help Architects and Construction Professionals do their jobs better.

It’s now easier than ever to bring your designs to life, or quickly adjust or overhaul them in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. Interact with holographic images as you would with real objects. If you’re Iron Man or captain of a starship, it’s easy to imagine how useful this futuristic new technology could be, but HoloLens technology is slowly infiltrating our daily work not just the billionaire superheroes.

Create a safe training environment – equipment and processes critical to an organization’s operations
keep changing. With Hololens 2, learners can practice completing assignments, and viewing and receiving instructional videos expert support comes from a safe space.

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