What is Microsoft M 365 E5 Security Windows Defender?

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Microsoft M 365 E5 Security Windows Defender

Windows 10 E5, as part of Microsoft 365 E5 delivers some great security features such as Bitlocker & AppLocker. However, the main security benefit of Windows 10 E5 is Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection. Microsoft Defender ATP is an enterprise endpoint security solution that focuses on helping businesses prevent, detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats.

Windows Defender Threat Intelligence

Basically, Microsoft gathers an incredible amount of telemetry from customers globally — over 8 trillion signals daily. This telemetry is made up of signals from across Microsoft’s services such as Microsoft Defender ATP, Office 365 ATP and data from Microsoft’s cybersecurity teams and global law enforcement etc. Microsoft call this pool of data the ‘Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph’. Microsoft runs world-class machine learning, AI and big data analytics across this telemetry. This volume of data allows Microsoft to determine what patterns of behavior in the code are considered ‘normal’ and what patterns of behavior might indicate some malicious activity such as malware or another type of attack. Insights from the Intelligent Security Graph power real-time threat protection in Microsoft products and services — including Microsoft Defender ATP.


In a nutshell, Microsoft Defender ATP automatically detects and remediates advanced attacks on your endpoints. It investigates the scope and potential impact of each threat, providing reports of the various threats to your organization’s machines, allowing you to quickly and easily mitigate and remove the threats using advanced tools and automation.