MMPC Conference and Communications Professionals made History.

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MMPC Conference and Communications Professionals, Inc. made history on September 21st as the First MBE to ever sponsor The MMPC Conference.

We feel it’s important for MBE’s Minority Business Enterprise’s to take control and Lead positions to shape our own destinies. We met many small and large diverse companies that CPI can service and that can service us. It also gave us an opportunity to showcase the depth of our Skill level in the I.T arena. We had the opportunity to demo the new Cisco Merki security system and speak on our extensive low voltage cabling skill set. Michell Robinson, president of the MMSDC Made a statement that it would take 333 years for black business to be on an equal financial par with mainstream business, this statement challenged me as a Black businessman. This conference gave us the opportunity to meet other companies we can spend our money with.

This year’s MMSDC Conference meant presenting an opportunity to begin the process of aligning Communication Professionals strategy to expand its reach into S.E. Michigan’s Commercial, Education, and State /Local market segments utilizing MMSDC’s resources. In addition, the conference would serve to increase our exposure to both Corporate and other like MBE companies.

It is our hope, that aligning CP’s Goals and Objectives with MMSDC’s mission of promoting inclusion, access to markets, and advancing the growth of minority companies will contribute to CP’S ultimate success The MMPC Conference was a pivotal shift in Communications Professionals, Inc’s 32 years of business. The curtains were drawn back as we had taken our first steps on center stage.

Partnered with Cisco and the AACPC program, CPI was able to secure a tier 1 position amongst big sponsors like DTE, Ford and Toyota. Working with professionals like Dream Genesys and Bluewater, Commpro delivered a concise and engaging message to all who attended and secured a solid branding direction that encompasses all of our services and products. We were Honored to have a visit from the director of Cisco’s AACPC Program. We plan on going even bigger next year, our Goal is to assist as many diverse businesses as can to assist in making their Goals.